Food Test Kit
Test Kit for Determination of Drug Residues in Meat


Test Kit for Determination of Drug Residues in Meat

Self Food Quality Care

     Meat is a main source of protein essential for life. At present, production of animals especially economic animals in our country is expanded since Thailand is a major exporter of foods, especially for shrimp and chicken. At the same time, antibiotic and antimicrobial drugs are widely administered for prevention and treatment of infection in those animals, therefore, the problem of drug residues in meat and other tissues consequently occurs. Department of Medical Sciences has developed easy and rapid test for screening drug residues in meat and viscera in order to control their qualities for the safery of consumers. This kit can be used with no equipment of. The testing efficiency is also reliable.

Health Impact

     Prolonged consumption of meat and viscera with drug residues can cause drug resistance and allergenicity to sensitive consumers.

Effectiveness of Test Kit

     This test kit has 93.0% accuracy, 78.9% sensitivity, and 96.7% specificity. It can be tested for the presence of at least 12 kinds of drug residues: Penicillin Tetracycline Macrolide Aminoglycoside and sulfonamide. The rapid test within 3 hours 30 minutes (4 hours 15 minutes in shrimps)

Test/ Kit

     50 Tests      

Shelf life

     3 Months               


     4-8 °C

Target Sample

     - Chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, fish, etc.

     - Viscera of chicken, pig cattle, etc.

     *** Remark: This Test Kit not inculde Water Bath, Incubate, Centrifuge***

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