Food Test Kit
Test Kit for Synthetic Dye

Test Kit for Synthetic Dye
(Dye-Prohibited Food)
     Synthetic dry is permitted in  purpose of making food colorful attractive or replace natural color which is pale during produciton process. However, it might be used in some kinds of food to conceal change of food quality.
Health Impact
     Synthetic dye which is regularly consumed can be absorbed through mucosal wall of gastrointestinal tract system, and can disturb secretion of enzyme for digestion, consequently, cause anorexia and stunt growth.
Target Sample
     Meatball, fermented sausage, seasoned meat, noodles, sausage, crisps, chili paste, fish cake, shrimp paste, pork sausage, preserved fruit and vegetable.
Effectiveness of Test Kit
To detection of synthetic color test kit within 10 minutes with sensitivity detection limit 2 mg/kg.
     20 Tests
Shelf Life
     1 Year
     Room Temperature

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