Water Testing Kit
Digital Testing

 Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS) introduces a new photometer using a patented method and technologies that offer faster, safer, easier, and more precise water testing. The eXact® Micro 8 offers seven modes which provide direct read capabilities for Cyanide, Total Iron, Ferrous Iron, Ammonia, Phosphate, BT-pH, Sulfide and % Transmission – which allows for testing of an additional 9 parameters. That’s 18 parameters in all!
•  Over 8 Direct read parameters (Cyanide, Total Iron, Ferrous Iron, Ammonia, Phosphate, BT-pH, and Sulfide). 
•  Patented technology (for use in accordance with U.S. Patents Numbers7333194) 
•  0.01 ppm (mg/L) precision
•  Built-in, permanent cell (no loose glass or plastic cells; simply fill or dip into water) 
•  Automatic countdown timer
•  140 test memory (saves last 20 tests per menu)
•  Incorporates eXact® Strip technology (safe & reliable reagent dispersion) 
•  No-slip grip housing 
•  Lightweight (weighs only 6 oz with batteries installed) 
•  Waterproof meter (IP-67) & floats
•  Easy-to-read LCD display 
•  Environmentally friendly (recyclable parts & uses 60% less reagents than 10mL sample tests)
•  No color matching
•  Proprietary optics (allow for accurate testing without cap, though available) 
•  Tests 18 parametersUsing a conversion chart: Total Alkalinity, Biguanide, Calcium (as CaCO2), Chloride, Cyanuric Acid, Magnesium, CG-pH, Potassium, Protein (as   BSA), Sulfate (as SO4), and Turbidity. 
•  CE certification 
•  2 - year Warranty with satisfaction guarantee

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Water Testing Kit 5 Update Data

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