Water Testing Kit
Arsenic Field Test Kit

Arsenic Field Test Kit
Properties of Arsenic Field Test Kit
Detection Range                                              5-500 ppb (µg/L)
Detection Limit                                                 5 ppb (µg/L)
Sample Volume                                                20 mL
Analysis Time                                                   10 min
Test /Kit                                                              50 Tests/Kit
Shelf Life                                                            1 Year
For Natural water sample such as water from canal. In case of other samples, prior study should be conducted.
Bottling Drinking Water Quality              
Maximum Allowable Concentration 0.05 mg/L
(Notification of the Ministry of Public Health, No.61, BE.2524)
Maximum Allowable Concentration 0.05 mg/L (Thai Industrial Standards, 1978)
Standard 0.01 mg/L (WHO, 2003)
Surface Water Quality Standards
0.01 mg/L(Notification of the National Environment Board No.8, B.E.2537)

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